About Dead Darlings.

Dead Darlings is an interactive event combining elements of performance and exhibition that come together in the form of a non-profit anonymous art auction.

Our collective has been active, and organizing this event annually since 2005. Prior to the actual event, we self-publish a handmade catalogue; we organise a preview exhibition of up to three days which concludes in a live auction lasting around 4/5 hours of art works contributed by 50-75 artists.

A Dead Darling refers to a work that an artist is pleased with or may be emotionally attached to, but must be eliminated because it does not fit into his/her work as a whole. Whether finished, or in some intermediate stage of production, the work has been abandoned—killed—yet somehow remains dear to the artist. In an effort to resurrect these lost works we invite artists to give us a work that qualifies as a “Dead Darling”.


For more information please write to dd@deaddarlings.nl and check www.deaddarlings.nl and www.foam.org for updates!

Dear artists, it is again that time of year when we ask you to bravely visit that spooky graveyard in your studio (or in your mind) and exhume one of your Dead Darlings for us to revive!

This 9th edition of Dead Darlings is about entropy.


a: the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity

b: process of degradation or running down or a trend to disorder

Entropy is a fitting theme for the year that passed, and more than likely, for the ones ahead. We invite you to submit a Dead Darling that either formally or thematically, deals with the notion of entropy. Damage, destruction and decline; we want you to consider a work that has in some way been destructive for the artist or their surroundings during the making, a process that was traumatic or damaging (mentally and/or physically). Conversely you may consider a work that has been accidentally or intentionally damaged by you before its completion. And of course we want to know all the stories behind it, which will all be included in the handmade auction catalogue.

Auction takes place June 11th 2017 in Amsterdam, during Foam Fusion and during the show Collectivism – Collectives and their Quest for Value (opening April 20th) at Foam in which the DD collective is participating.

It is with great pleasure that we hereby invite you to participate in this joyous and one-of-a-kind event. This is an OPEN CALL for artists to submit a work and become part of our love buzz.

By tradition, all the lots will be introduced by title only. The contributing artists will be listed on our website, but will not be revealed in connection to the work until the sale is final. There is no charge for participation. 30% on sales will be held back to cover the production costs of this nonprofit event. All proceeds made from artwork sales go to our favorite “charity”: The people who made the work.

If you have a DD you want to put under the hammer, please send us a 300 dpi PDF or JPG with the following SUBMISSION FORM / info to submit@deaddarlings.nl before April 30th.

- Your full name
- Title
- Medium
- Dimensions
- Year of making
- Starting price
- Description text

We look forward to seeing your Dead Darlings!

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